What does TERRAIN mean in naturopathy?

16 avril 2024 What does TERRAIN mean in naturopathy?

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We often hear about TERRAIN, here is some information about Terrain according to Naturopathic teachings and according to the New Biology which relates to the oldest medicine!

According to my naturopathic teachings, this can be described in two ways…

1 – By the very components of the terrain: Your innate component over which you have no real control. This corresponds to your physical and mental constitution at birth + the one “inherited” from your parents, combined with family, cultural and societal influences at the time…

Then there’s your acquired component, called temperament, which evolves over time, i.e. the component over which you can have an influence (psychological dimension, lifestyle habits, beliefs, etc.).

Finally, all this is associated with your level of accumulation of waste and other “balance disruptors”.

2 – By what constitutes the terrain: All the body fluids in which your cells are immersed… Like blood, lymph, intra- and extra-cellular serums, the fluids surrounding and filling your cells. Cells need nutrients in order to function and reject the waste products that result from their activity…

In the final analysis, these two concepts are not so far apart… They converge on the notion of accumulation or imbalance.

A few different and more accurate concepts to open up to

Whatever your health problems, it is useful to understand the roots of this imbalance. It’s the terrain that conditions the occurrence of these problems. What if disease results from an altered terrain ? Could your health be more simply linked to the following factors?

# Trauma, emotional crisis, stress?                                                                                                                                  Energy blockages, psychosomatic problems, emotional wounds…Can they interfere with HOMEOSTASIS ? Skin problems are one of the easiest to open up to, as there is no recognised medical treatment for psoriasis or eczema, for example, but they can escalate to regular injections to relieve the disabling symptoms.

# A toxic overload leading to more cleansing to restore homeostasis, sometimes in a specific part of the body?                                                                                                                                                                                    Your body knows it has to get rid of toxins such as pesticides, fungicides, environmental pollutants, additives, synthetic pharmaceutical molecules and many others… Let’s exclude so-called viruses from the OVERLOAD equation and interpret them in a different way (their existence has never been proven so far and none have been isolated) and consider them as cell debris, then revisit the concepts of bacterial infection and pathogenesis.

# Sudden climatic variations that require the body to adapt?                                                                                        I.e. temperature, pressure, humidity levels, like when you use your air conditioning, for example. I’m not in any way talking about the false global warming decried by scientists who are still honest…

# Inadequate nutrition” referring to what nourishes and supports your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies… Can the presence or absence of these ‘nutrients’ be a factor of alteration ?                                        The type of thoughts, the sun, the quality & characteristics of the food you select, cook and ingest (not the nutrients we expect they contain and their quantity), what is related to food and diet (a vast subject that raises so much opposition… we’ll talk about that another time), drinks, water, connection to nature, the arts, joy, sharing, love, limiting beliefs about who you are, your body and how it works…

# Physical Trauma ?                                                                                                                                                    Following an accident, a fall, a surgery…

The excellent recent book by DANIEL ROYTAS that I highly recommend:


Workshops are starting, in french, this April/May to familiarise you with these concepts and explore them further together:


Atelier Terrain Maladie Lecture

INTRODUCTION / GRIPPE & RHUME : Pouvons-nous attraper ces maladies?

Which leads you to ask the following questions : Are the symptoms then an expression of the body’s language and the mechanisms it uses to heal itself ?  And not a declaration of war against itself ?  What can I do to support my recovery = my  body’s natural healing process?

Perhaps the illness needs to be examined from a different angle, solved with a different approach… What do you think?

What do terrain and health mean to you?

This is the time to ask yourself these questions about your body, how it works and the repercussions of your knowledge on your health = autonomy and respect for your own body. You’re the only one who can make choices – you’re the only captain in charge of your ship! A lot of knowledge has been stripped of its common sense.

Are you familiar with the following concepts and how do you define them?

Disease and health, deficiency, organic and inorganic elements, internal ecology, cycle, laws of nature and the living, Traumas – Psyche – Body connection, pleomorphism, microzymas or somatides, toxicity, accumulation, electromagnetism, tissue salts, salivary – urinary – blood pH, Vincent’s bioelectronics, theory of the immune system, role of lymph, Pasteur, Béchamp, Claude Bernard, Koch’s Postulate, contagion, vitamins and minerals, pathogenesis, microbiome, etc.

Always very informative:



NB : Only a Doctor can make a  diagnosis – he/she is the disease specialist – and has the right to treat you or carry out a medical procedure. A naturopathic consultation does not replace medical advice. It does not in any way exempt you from consulting a doctor when necessary.

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