“ZERO WASTE ” CULTURE – What does that mean when it comes to childhood ?

23 juin 2023 “ZERO WASTE ” CULTURE – What does that mean when it comes to childhood ?

“ZERO WASTE ” CULTURE – What does that mean when it comes to childhood ?

 I had no choice but to pass on an important message!

After reading articles in various alternative magazines (especially in these alternative circles where we’re supposed to protect, respect and love living things without giving in to the usual propaganda…), and hearing or seeing in all the mainstream media the sad observation that the planet is going to “die” because of the exponential number of its inhabitants and their way of life, I’m freaking out*!

What are we being told?

⁃ The milestone of 8 billion “Residents” on this planet – that’s kind of how I felt about the word, though used, “Inhabitant”,

⁃ ALARMING figures of 10 billion by 2050,

⁃ The issue of zero waste and the environment,

⁃ The environmental consequences, our way of life, etc.

⁃ The question – more shocking in my opinion – of CHILDHOOD.

And it’s when we get to this last point that the shoe pinches for me, am I the only one????

Under the guise of bad lifestyle habits linked to our way of consuming, we find it hard to face reality: being more and more focused on superficiality, materialism, being part of the clan and not losing face/place/image/money, indoctrination to put it another way!

When I read in a magazine distributed in natural health stores / organic shops: “A child has a definite climate cost, but there are few reliable figures. The figure of 60 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year per child is in circulation, i.e. 6 times the average emissions of a French person. This calculation is based on the long term, but seems fanciful and can be widely debated (…) While it is not possible to reduce emissions to zero for a child, because no human life can achieve zero, it is possible to reduce them very significantly by a few small gestures, combining individual and collective efforts (…). ) It’s easy to buy second-hand equipment, and second-hand shops and websites are full of items for all the baby world (…) And by educating them in this way, they will become players in the CLIMATE PRESERVATION OF TOMORROW. “

I think I’m falling off my chair!

I’m not saying that some of the information in this article isn’t interesting, I’m just saying that it was necessary to dare to distill the notion, again and again, of this so-called “climate crisis” and cast doubt in people’s minds about whether or not they should have children. Sticking in the notion of good and evil for the good of all and the preservation of humanity = your child is potentially a threat to humanity (as some have, remember, presented the unvaccinated**). In the end, don’t conceive a child…

With all due respect to those who will find something to complain about here, my opinion has the right to be named and heard, just like yours.

I still find it cruelly sad to see the extent to which some human beings let themselves be fooled, consciously or unconsciously, by brainwashing.

CO2 levels have never been as low as they are now, but you need to have the right sources, not rely on the mass media, and find out things over a long period of time, not just a few years…

Remember what you learnt at school – what do plants and trees eat? What is photosynthesis? etc.

And if I have to push the envelope a little further on this climate fraud, which follows on from the most incredible health fraud, ask yourself why the variation in temperature largely precedes the increase in CO2 levels and not the other way round?

Stop kidding yourself and start opening your mind to reflection, do your own research, leaving a little less room for the organized distraction that has only one aim, to keep you out of what’s really important: LIFE

One last concept to pass on to you ???? NATURE’S FUNDAMENTAL LANGUAGE IS VIBRATORY

* This is a Quebec expression meaning: it moved me (a little, even a lot).

** Non-vaccinated people presented as pariahs / dangers for the vaccinated population, who could, so-called die on contact with them.







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